What’s in your Box?

Sub-Project: Growing your own fruit and vegetables in your Garden-in-the-Box and comparing boxes between countries


Gardening skills such as planting provide fabulous ways for children to refine fine motor skills as well as teach them an incredibly important life skill: patience. In this section, children will learn about the basic elements a plant needs to grow: soil (nutrients), rain and sun and a lot of care.

The Garden-in-the-Box can take from as little as 6-8 weeks, if the vegetable and fruit plants are bought as small plants, or 12-16 weeks (or more), if grown from seeds. Either way, your children will delight in eating their homegrown produce!

Line the box with plastic film on the inside, and create some holes or slits in the bottom. Have the children fill the box with soil, almost to the brim. Select quick maturing small fruit and vegetables plants for your Garden-in-the-Box that can be eaten raw and have relatively shallow roots.

Collaborative Project: There is nothing more exciting than for children to learn from each other. This is the perfect project to put other children from different parts of the world in contact with each other and find out what they are growing in their box.

Learning Objective: Teachers empathy, care for living creatures and gardening skills.

Time frame: Plant at different seasons to learn about seasonality of different fruit and vegetables.

Collaborative Form


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