Let’s Be Trees

Sub-Project: How many different types of trees can you make out of a piece of rope or a few branches?

Description: This activity is inspired by the Land Art movement, the autumn leaves and this beautiful book by Mauro Evangelista who takes a piece of rope and shows children how to transform it into different types of trees. In this version we took a piece of rope and combined it with fallen leaves, but if you don’t have leaves, you can create all sorts of tree shapes from a small piece of rope.

Teach your children respect for nature by bringing the to parks and forests whenever possible. Teach them how to make Land Art from the fallen leaves or stones they find on the ground. Take a picture of your creations and leave them behind in nature for all to enjoy your works of art!

Collaborative Project: Work with another classroom or school to represent trees in your area or country using rope or twigs. How do the trees differ from country to country? How do trees change in season? How else could you represent your trees using natural or simple materials?

Learning Objective: Land art techniques, respect for nature, developing imagination

Time frame: All year




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