Harvest Festival “La Vendemmia” The Feast of the Grape!

Sub-Project: Harvesting Festivals from around the world

Grape season marks a very important time of the year for the many grape wine regions in the world, particularly in Italy and France! In Italian it is called “La Vendemmia” and in French “La Vendange”. For those of you who live close to vineyards, don’t miss out on the opportunity to take children out and enjoy the seasonality and great harvest traditions this fruit brings with it, as historically it has contributed to many popular festivals! For young and old, show children how wine was traditionally made by taking ripe grapes and putting them into a giant tub. Kick off your shoes and socks and allow 2 children per tub to squash the grapes with their feet! Delight in the sensory exploration and a tradition that has been going on for millennia!!

Collaborative Project: People have been celebrating food and harvests since the beginning of time. Many festivals were borne as a celebration for the food was finally ready to be eaten. What harvesting festivals do you celebrate in your country? Share your ideas with another classroom in an opposite part of the world!

Learning Objective: Sensory exploration and cultural tradition

Time frame:

Grape harvest season (September-October northern hemisphere and February-March southern hemisphere)

Collaborative Form

Complete this form if you would like to collaborate with another school on this project


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