The Imagination Tree

Sub-project: The Imagination Tree

Description: Trees can be an incredible source of inspiration. They come in all sorts of colours, sizes, shapes and textures. If you look closely enough, some roots look like giant hands, other trunks look like big pineapples! Take your children for a nature walk to the park or forest (or wherever there are many trees) and have them practice the “fill-the-frame” activity, using a camera devise to fill the frame with only one – tree – element. Once back at school, select the best images and print them on paper. Stick them on the wall and have the children use their imaginations of other objects and things they see hidden in the trees!

Collaborative Project: This is such a fun project to do with a country that has a very different climate/vegetation than where you live. Children will marvel at finding out how varied trees and climates can be from this activity.

Learning Objective: Developing imagination in nature

Time frame: whole year

Collaboration Form


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