Banana Tattoo

Project: The Garden Project

Sub-Project: Banana Tattoos

Created by: Paul Frank Wagner @ Doremi, Milano, Italy

Description: With a Banana using a thumb tack or something pointy like a sharp pencil, kids and adults can make wonderful shapes, and drawings with this activity. Children will watch their drawings get darker and darker as time goes by. For older children have them take pictures of their bananas when their picture is complete, 10 minutes later, 20 minutes later, 40 minutes later and 1hr later.

Talk about the importance of eating fruit when it is ripe and not cutting it and leaving it out in the open as it will lose its nutrients. Don’t forget to eat your bananas once you’ve finished the activity!

Collaborative Project: What other fruit and vegetables can you find locally that have a similar oxidation process?

Learning Objective: Observing the passage of time on fruit (oxidation process), nutrition

Collaboration Form



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